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Tell the right story.

Two things I’ve learned throughout my career
in design, branding and communications:

1) Everyone loves a good story.

2) Telling a great story, in the right way
to the right people is often better than
the most beautiful designs or savviest technology.

Storytelling is ancient magic
that still works today.


I can help you:

your story.

Not the bland, mundane details about you or your company—that most people don’t care about—but the story other people will actually want to hear.

your story.

The finest ingredients,
if used incorrectly, can result in a horrible meal. The same goes for stories. A great one can be ruined by telling it in the wrong way.

your story.

Great stories need to be shared. But how and where? There are a million new ways to share a story today but only a handful will work well for you.


Stories about storytelling:

I tell my own stories. Often about branding, design, and communications.
Here are few pieces I wrote that will help you understand my thinking.


More about Chris W. Hubbard


A simple

I started my a career as a Graphic Designer. Then became an Art Director. Then a Creative Director. I worked with major US brands before moving into Digital Marketing, Branding, and Communications Strategy. Storytelling is the glue that binds all those things together.

As a designer, I’ve created packaging, logos, advertising, catalogs, websites, digital content, in-store displays and planned out and directed complex photoshoots. I’ve shot and edited video content, as well as designed animated motion graphics as well.

As a digital marketer, I’ve created lead generating closed loop marketing strategies that have helped my clients connect and communicate with their patrons.

For 4+ years I worked with DDG brand consultancy in Taipei to build communication strategies and messaging campaigns for emerging brands in Greater China. I also developed naming and slogan methodologies—helping brands choose meaningful product, company and service names, slogans and taglines. I've done brand messaging for Both, RunnerCamp, Erato, CoolerMaster, Adata, PurpleSky, Ecove, Folio Hotel, Innergie, Delta Electronics, CTCI and more. 

My background in advertising, branding, and design for international companies in the U.S., combined with over 8 years of experience in Asia, is what guides my work and recommendations.

I have permanent resident status in Taiwan with an open work permit. This is Taiwan's version of a green card. It enables me to live here permanently and work without restrictions.

I also teach yoga at Gift Yoga, and helped launch Taiwan's first yoga festival—Oceansound Yoga Festival

more on my
career background:

Between 2010 and 2014—I helped develop a digital marketing strategy for getchee in Taipei specifically to drive new sales leads. In the process, I led the creation of video content, infographics, newsletter programs and updates to their website and social media to support this strategy.

In 2010 I worked with WorldShare in Taipei on creative design projects for BenQ and AUO.

In 2009 I left the world of advertising and spent a year traveling throughout India, South East Asia, China and Taiwan. This had a huge impact on my
life perspective and work, and is one of the best things I ever decided to do.

Before that, I worked as a Creative Director for Aisle Rocket Studios in the U.S., where I did branding and design work for Whirlpool Corporation, Gladiator GarageWorks, Amana, and more.

A few more interesting things you may like to know about me:

I'm a certified yoga therapist. I studied therapeutic and restorative yoga treatments at the Ghosh yoga college in Kolkata, India. I offer one-on-one consultations and therapeutic solutions for a range of health issues. I also lead introductory yoga courses and classes for those looking to develop a healthy practice. 

In 2017 I helped launch Taiwan's first yoga festival Oceansound Yoga Festival. A challenging project that we hope to build into a world-class yoga festival right here in Taiwan.

Yoga is a common theme with me because it's what I spend most of my own personal time doing these days and it's heavily influenced the perspectives I bring to work.

I also make some pretty decent Kombucha and encourage you to try it for yourself!

I'm proud to say I was the first non-Taiwanese person in the world to purchase the new Gogoro Smartscooter—some say it's the Tesla of scooters—and I wrote this article explaining why. You can check out photos of me and my Gogoro via my Instagram.

I’m a Leo.
I’m a snake.
They say I'm an ENTP. 

(but I think I'm more ENFP )

I think of myself as a fairly straightforward person.
I value honesty and authenticity above just about everything else in my life and let this influence my decisions every day.

I get excited about new things and ideas. I'm passionate and fun, but serious about what I choose to do with my time. However, I also try not to take myself or anything I do too seriously. 

If I could recommend one thing to start doing every morning:

That would be to listen to this amazing daily affirmations album by Deepak Chopra

So How can I help?

I'm able to facilitate—through myself or partners—a wide range of branding, communications, and creative services. Let me know what you need and I can help you find the right path.

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