Featured branded content

Of all the projects I've been a part of at DDG, this is the one I enjoyed working on the most. We collaborated with such a diverse group of designers who all did amazing work and made this branded project amazing. 

What I've done here: Concept pitch, story creation & planning, project management, writing. 


Asana Seekers is my most recent branded content project. Asana Seekers is a platform for sharing yoga adventures and inspiring yogis to travel and attend yoga retreats and trainings. This site is new and will be adding adventure stories throughout the year. 

What I've done here: Site development, photography, video, writing, and social media.


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Featured photography direction

When I was working at ARS Advertising in Michigan, as a Creative Director for Gladiator GarageWorks, I had the opportunity to direct this photography. I put this here because it still represents some of the work I'm most proud of. At the time, the idea of customizing a garage for a specific activity was pretty innovative. Nobody had thought of painting garage walls before. I'm not working for Gladiator anymore, but they are still using this photography style.

What I've done here: Creative Direction, set design, product selection, shot planning.


Featured Video Work

In addition to building up the entire digital marketing platform for getchee, I was asked to create a lot of videos. We had no money, just a few cheap cameras, a bad mic and my editing skills. While the videos are far from perfect, I'm proud of what we did with absolutely nothing at that time.

What I've done here: Filming, Editing, Animation.
Tools I used: Canon EOS, Premier Pro, Photoshop, AfterEffects


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Featured Communications

The following work represents samples of communications work I've done, mostly on behalf of DDG Taipei. Communications work includes brand naming, product naming, slogans, tag-lines, and brand messaging. The bulk of this brand work can be explored on the DDG work page which includes the full brand case studies for most of these projects. 

What I've done here: Creative brand writing


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