2 paragraphs on - Blogging is the future / by Chris W. Hubbard


Blogging. Just when I thought that perhaps blogging was dead (I swear someone said that to me recently ) it's become the biggest, and most important, thing ever in the universe again. No really. Everyone I listen to and look to for advice (people like James Altucher, Tim Ferris, Seth Price) talks about how important blogging is. 

I've always struggled with blogging, and the writing that is required to keep one going beyond the once-a-year post announcing that the blog "will be resurrected." I'm not alone. Almost everyone I know has, or has had a blog that has died and come back to life more than a few times. The challenge for most of us is coming up with things to write about; which seems ironic given how much there is to write about, and re-write about in the world. Ok, fine. Blogging it is. Here is my resurrection post!

PS - I now have a podcast too—one way to say more without needing to write more!